Managing Soils on the North Coast

Amigo will utilize his 45 year experience with organic methods on hundreds of soils to inspire you to the most productive and nutritious crops ever, annuals and perennials. Practical, cost effective information on increasing soil organic matter and beneficial biology utilizing cover crops, compost and humic compounds will combine with an explanation of the essential nutrients necessary to produce fully nutritious crops with a high degree of resistance to pests and diseases, and superb flavor. Soil amendments, organic fertilizers, biological inoculants, foliar feeding and fertigation will be discussed. Amigo has advised on more than 2000 soil analysis from all across North America including many from the North Coast, and will use this background to describe the common nutrient issues and the best organic methods to address your soils needs. If you have a soil analysis, bring it with you and we will discuss your specific situation, as time allows. A handout of common North Coast fertility needs will be provided,