Earthquake Preparedness

One of thing that makes California’s landscape so beautiful also presents a real danger to its citizens: earthquakes. This workshop will provide a brief summary of the numerous threats an earthquake poses and will present a number of steps that can be taken beforehand to minimize the potential for personal injury and reduce damage. Topics will include: identification of hazards in you home, preparation of an emergency plan, building and an earthquake kit, steps required to secure your home and belonging to minimize damage. In addition, protection is critical during an earthquake and the meaning of “Drop, Cover, and Holding” will be discussed. Finally, topics on how to restore daily life during the days and weeks after a major earthquake will include: checking for damage and injury, when to follow an emergency plan, how to use the earthquake kit and reconnecting with others. Guidance documents from the Earthquake County Alliance (Staying Safe when the Earth Shakes and Living on Shaky Ground) and the USGS (Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country) will be available at the fair and are also available for download at