Gopher, Moles, Voles: Rodent control methods

We will show you how to tell which of these three common rodent pests are damaging your garden, and then teach you how to trap them. We recommend trapping as the most effective, least environmentally damaging method and the only one that provides you with certainty. Gophers cause the most damage - but are the easiest to trap! Voles can cause a lot of damage when their numbers are high; they are easy to catch, but require persistence to eradicate. Moles actually don't directly bother plants at all - they are carnivores - but their tunnels and mounds can wreak havoc on your landscaping. They are difficult to trap. All three leave telltale signs, and we will show you how to "read" the mounds, find the tunnels, and set traps that work quickly and humanely. We will also go over how to tell if you have rats and what to do about it.