List of Workshops

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New & Old Voices About Herbal Medicine

Dairy Goat Management

How to Connect Farmers to Land Owners

Cultivating a “What is best for our community” mindset

Empowering our children's creative problem solving

Managing Soils on the North Coast

Our Awesome Oaks and all their relations

Seaweed Identification and Ocean Walk

Backwoods Survival

Simple sewing & mending

How To Grow 1/2 of Your Own Food In 1 Hour/day

Stringmaking Workshop and Fiber Plants Discussion

Atlatl and dart making and use

COMPOST: Do the Rot thing

Basic Construction

Bottle Bricks

Cob Bench

Grid-tie solar systems & Sonoma Clean Power

Humane Poultry Processing

Homesteading A 40 year retrospective

Passive solar pole house construction

Making Hard Cheese - for Beginners

A Call to Community

Homestead Beekeeping Basics

Rewilding 4.0 - Permaculture and bioregionalism

Dry-laid stone masonry

Gopher, Moles, Voles: Rodent control methods

Natural Plant Dyeing

Zoning, Codes, and Legalizing Sustainability

Seed Saving is Pretty Cool

Plugging logs with shiitakes

Cheese Making, recipes, tools, and tasting

Growing grains on a small scale.

Getting Started with Hunting

Packing with Llamas

Traditional Acorn Processing


Native Uses of Plants

Managing Water in Your Mendoterranean Garden

From Forest To Farm- North Coast Biochar

Multitasking Herbs for Every Garden and Homestead

Salad university


Canning Jam

"Dry it, you'll like it" - Solar Dehydration for Food Preservation

Braided Rug and Basketmaking

Cultivation, the compliant, ecofriendly way


Pennyroyal Farm tour

Raw and Living ~ A Fermentation Demonstration

Earthquake Preparedness

Drip irrigation - It works!


Making Goat Milk Soap

Solar Cooking: A Lifestyle

Seed Saving

Ecological Restoration, and How We Can Magnify It

Cooking with Edible Seaweed

Sharpening Tools, An Essential Skill For All


Splitting Wood by Hand Safely/Effectively

How to Milk Goats

Bees and Bee Hives

Ergonomic and humane hand shearing

Drying Seaweed

Houshold Fermentation

Game Time!

The Sacred Art - Native Drum Making

Tree Fruit

Farm Tour: Building Soil and raising livestock

Mushroom Language


Home Brewing 101

Meditation and Yoga Classes

Building a "Palletable Cobin"

Rainwater to Wastewater: CA conservation options

Processing Meat Rabbits Humanely

Wildtending: Restoring Reciprocity with the Land

Basic Leather Sewing