Bring Your Own Place Setting. Limit the amount of stuff we send to the landfill and help develop the habit of using our own dishes for take out food as well as our Saturday night potluck and barbecue.


There is no such thing as AWAY

At the Not-So-Simple Living Fair, one of our goals is to generate a minimal amount of trash.  Over the last three years, we have ended up with less than 2 bags of trash at the end of the weekend each year.

We do this by asking everyone to BYO (bring your own dishes.)  We also have a BYO vendor if you find yourself at the event without your own dishes. We will have a dish-washing station.

We also compost all paper products along with all food waste.

You will find stations with three cans – compost, recycle and trash.  Please make sure you deposit your refuse properly.

Thanks for your help.